Friday, 13 April 2007

Not quite junk food!

Friday 13th and not a good day for me to cook. Maybe I thought it would just be tempting fate to rustle up a little fanfare of a meal for my in-laws arrival from Spain today. Maybe I just had to spend the whole day tidying.. We had salad for lunch....

The boys chose all the ingredients.
Romaine Lettuce, Rocket, Big juicy tomatoes, Cucumber, Pickled Onions, Roasted Red Peppers (from a tin) and Feta Cheese.

The boys had tuna fish on theirs too. I didn't think it went with feta that well but who am I to question their tastes especially considering I had chillis and the remainder of some hollandaise from earlier in the week to liven mine up... sorry! They eat it completely plain, no dressing at all.

In-laws arrived late afternoon and I'm sorry to admit as this is only my 2nd posting that we had M&S cumberland pie with steamed veg for dinner... What can I say. I didn't have to admit to it. Besides my father-in-law loves it and to be honest when you can't be bothered to cook it is quite comforting. Once in a while what's the harm?? I'm truly knackered but the house looks spotless for a change! Kitchen will resume normal operations tomorrow.

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