Tuesday, 17 April 2007

English Food through the eyes of a 5 year old Little Foodie

I wanted to write something for fish & quips that becksposhnosh are publicising. I thought about doing a recipe? I began life in the North East moving South when I was about 6 so I could draw on all sorts of inspiration, then I thought most food bloggers contributing could probably do it better. So I decided to ask Little what he thinks English food is. At 5 I didn't think he'd be able to come up with much.
Ah my littlefoodie! How wrong I was.

His answers
Ooo mummy is it asparagus with melted butter? "yes, could be, think of some more..."
Yorkshire pudding?
Summer pudding with massive raspberries from Flower Farm?
Hot pot?
Mine & Daddy's Blackberry Jam on scones with cream?
Is it the sloe gin you make? (he helped pick the sloes, I promise he doesn't drink it)
Oooohhh I know it's roast lamb with mint sauce, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes and every single vegetable in the world!
Is it Grandma's ginger beer? I said I wasn't sure about this (you'll think we're a family of alcoholics, actually you wouldn't be far wrong.)
Okay it's victoria sponge cake.
Cheddar cheese? I know that mummy because Cheddar is in England.
I'm afraid it went on and I stopped writing them down as I was being distracted until he said...
Mummy - did we invent ice cream? "No I don't think so - shame though or we'd have it in the bag darling and nobody would think english food is a joke!"

When I said this he got in the huff and stomped off. End of English food through the eyes of a 5 year old Foodie. He most certainly doesn't think English food is a joke. If anybody would like to say it again -I dare them to say it to Little. Poor thing lost his first tooth today must remember the fairy has to deliver cash under pillow before I turn in.


Marie said...

Oh, I do see a budding epicurian here! Simply wonderful!

Richard said...

Sounds like Little should have a blog of his own...

Little Foodie said...

Exactly what I thought when the precocious monkey kept telling me what I should write. He's normally such a calm, quiet and delightful child according to his latest school report - hmmm.
So I started boyscancooktoo for the boys in this family only. So many people think it's odd that both boys are encouraged to cook. My husband is a great cook too. Afterall it's a great pulling tool for when they're older, yes?

Sam said...

that is a totally BRILLIANT post. I can see you are raising the little one in a way I would approve of. Good work! Love it - thanks for being part of fish and quips!



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