Monday, 16 April 2007

Veg Patch News - Tears and tantrums

Or should that read the posher Kitchen Garden News. Having looked out of the window I think I'll stick with vet patch.

Tears and tantrums from grown man and toddler yesterday as Small kept trying to pull up the fledgling plants. Big Bad Daddy physically removed Small from the garden and deposited him in the lobby. Expletives were murmured under breath... Sob, sob crying child "Mama, Daddy is torty (naughty) he no let me play in the veg patch." Sob, more tears.

All this while I was tyring to write my blog (how very frustrating!)

I quickly came up with a solution throwing an old washing up bowl in the garden with the following advice.... "Fill it with soil, pull up some weeds & grass. Let him do whatever he likes with it. Tell him it's his special garden you don't waste any of your precious plants and everyone is a winner....." Little being 5.5 raised his eyebrows and asked why everyone was so grumpy.
My sentiments darling... my sentiments.

Calm was restored...

Tips for fraught parents trying to plant up a veg patch with a 2.5 year old hanging about pulling up everything that you put in the ground.... Don't think that you can get them to actually plant the real deal and think they wont then pull it up at some stage in the near future when you're not looking. It does nothing for good food karma - you'll end up with ugly fruit before you know it. Much better to nurture the real deal yourself and let toddlers pick them when they've actually established. Better still go to Waitrose! Joke!


Marie said...

My kids loved planting things and growing them when they were growing up. They also loved eating things they had grown. It was a great incentive to get them to eat more vegetables! I can so emphathize with your blogging fears...but take heart. I think your page is wonderful!

Freya and Paul said...

Just discovered your really fun blog! Love the writing about Big Man and Little Man and your Banana Tart sounds delicious!


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