Friday, 11 May 2007

First Asparagus with Creamy Spring Onion Dip

This is the first asparagus we've had this year. Little has decided he doesn't like asparagus anymore. All the more for the rest of us, as we love them, including Small. Little also decided that he doesn't like the dip. Obviously in the mood for not liking stuff today. Little Foodies eh?

In a mini blender add 1 bunch of chopped spring onions (salad onions, scallions) keep a few pieces for garnishing, 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 3 tablespoons of plain greek yogurt, Squeeze juice of half a lemon and blitz until spring onion is very finely chopped. Add a little freshly ground black pepper. Transfer to a little bowl and garnish with a few pieces of chopped spring onion.

Just tried another version by frying the spring onions in a little olive oil first and that was loved by both boys. I thought it was delicious too, not as strong as with the uncooked spring onions.

Cook the asparagus in a little boiling water for 5 minutes. Serve with the spring onion dip.


Kelly-Jane said...

I think my little one would like that dip, she likes asparagus - or at least she used to ;)

At least there won't be any fights about the asparagus in the fridge :)!

Little Foodie said...

Hi Kelly-Jane,
You'd think... I don't know if it's the weather going cold again but the last few days they've been so disagreeable. Driving me bonkers, the pair of them..

Mississippi Songbird said...

That looks so good..
Happy Mothers Day!

Marie said...

That looks delicious! Isn't the asparagus wonderful this year! I just can't get enough of it. I think it's the best I have had in years!

Freya and Paul said...

I think that Little will change his mind soon enough so gorge on it while you can!!

Truffle said...

What beautiful produce you have there and looks like you've put it to great use! Happy Mothers Day :)

melody said...

I LOVE asparagus and noone else in my family will touch it.

You have a yummy blog. I have boys who love to cook and eat (well, not the variety that yours do), too. Hope to be back soon.

Little Foodie said...

I was wondering why I had a few Happy Mothers Day comments but it's Mothers Day in the States. It's cool by me - my children can celebrate me twice any time!
Mississippi Songbird, thank you and to you too.
Marie, it certainly is!
Freya & Paul, I'm making the most of it.
Truffle, Thank you and it was pretty good, I preferred it with the cooked spring onions.
Melody, Glad your boys love cooking too. I'd make the most of their dislike of asparagus.


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