Monday, 23 April 2007

Happy St George's Day from Little Foodies

My face aches from smiling so much. Sam Breach the famous food blogger at BecksPoshNosh not only made a lovely comment about my post but there was a link here too. I couldn't have been more chuffed had the real Queen given me a mention. It made Little Foodies seem all the more worth the effort and encouraged me to get on with my business plans.

Take a look at the roundup for great recipes and musings about English food.

Becks & Posh: English Cooking, English Produce, English Recipes, English Chefs

Off to make cottage pie which I'll serve with minted peas for hubby and me. It feels cold suddenly so may even have a hot pudding to follow. My own littlefoodies will have to have it re-heated tomorrow as they've already had dinner. Always tastes better the following day anyway.

1 comment:

Freya and Paul said...

Congrats on the mention! Hope you enjoy the cottage pie for supper! It's one of my favourites!


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