Saturday, 21 April 2007

Little Foodies eat out - Arkle Manor, Betchworth

We had lunch out today at the Arkle Manor in Betchworth, 7 adults and 3 children. It was a Harvester for a number of years but was taken over and renovated, it opened last year to great reviews and seems to have a steady stream of people, especially at weekends. We have eaten there quite a bit. The menu is good with something for everyone, we had 2 vegetarians among us and there wasn't the usual feeling that there isn't much choice for them. The decor is very nicely done with lots of open spaces, big leather sofas and tub chairs, it has a modern country feel. The service is a bit of a sore point. Terribly slow, almost snail like. Putting it politely they're very relaxed which today was okay (once, that is, the men had their ale which took so long they were starting to get a little tense and we'd nearly finished our first drinks) . We chose to eat outside as the weather was amazing. It's not right for April but still we made the most of it. The children were able to play and met some other children which is always good. They have HandySitt portable high chairs which fit over a standard chair - perfect for my cute nephew.

Big thank you also to my brother & sister-in-law for the wonderful hardbacks: Larousse Gastronomique & Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine. XXXXXXX


Marie said...

We always took the kids out to eat with us when they were growing up. It was a good experience for them and for us. We learned patience and they learned manners in public. I don't seem to enjoy eating out that much anymore...most of the time I am sadly dissappointed in what I seems like an awful lot of money to pay for a mediocre meal. I get much better at home and all it costs is my time...oh and the groceries as well. I do love to eat at friends homes as well though, which only goes to prove...homemade is infinitely better!

Little Foodie said...

Homemade RULES most definitely! Thanks Marie


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