Saturday, 11 July 2009

The elusive perfect life...

Whilst I might sometimes feel that our life is far from perfect, wading through the quagmire of crappola. I should stop, smell the flowers and realise, remind myself even, that our life is indeed perfect.

The boys ate leftover chorizo and wild mushroom risotto, added to which I cooked them a beautiful sirloin steak to share, 2 mins each side and then cut into strips...

I'm now making bunting out of old clothes, much better that it can come out for every celebration, seen and remembered, instead of packed in tissue and kept in the attic room... THIS IS A GOOD TIP!

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger recently, there's a lot going on... Next week I'm going to allow myself time to read what you've all been up to. Having taken a sneaky peak today I know I'm going to have to set aside a good few hours. Big loves to you all! xxxx


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