Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend!

Good Friday was indeed good for me as I was allowed home from hospital. As Hubs described it in an e-mail to some of you - missing some disc and a few bits of vertebrae. Hard part is over, have to lie flat for just over a week with a small shuffle around every 90 minutes or so and physio exercises which are nothing like exercises. So pleased to be home but typing this from such an angle is hard work... Thank goodness the man I married is a great cook, just about to be served with chicken parcels, mashed potato and purple sprouting from the garden.... lovely!

Thank you so much for all your kind words. When I can laugh about it I'll share the funniest things about the last few months. There have been a few.

Soon... xx

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Will I be shorter?

Hello.... how is everyone? I'm good - surgery is finally booked and the question is will I be shorter ....after Wednesday? Eek! It's due to take place that evening. I have to forget past surgery problems, get my head down and get on with it now... can't help being a little (a lot) scared. I should be out next Saturday, so I wont be home for Good Friday but eggs have been purchased and though I wont be able to do the egg hunt this year I will be able to watch it on Sunday. I can't wait. I also can't wait for things to go back to normal (like it's ever normal around here!) but mostly to be able to do stuff with the boys.

Food, food, food.... I can't wait to cook whatever and whenever I want. I want to feed people, infact I definitely want to do lots of feeding people and wine.... though I haven't missed drinking I would like to have the odd glass of wine when I feel like it.

I'll see you all soon... I'll have plenty of pain free time where I'll catch up with everything you've all been doing. I'm hoping I'll be able to wish you all a Happy Easter myself next weekend, until then... xxx

p.s. Hubs has said he may hi-jack the blog while I'm away! I'm not too worried about that, though he did say for a laugh he might take pictures of lots of convenience food and start raving about the benefits of it... If he does, don't believe a word of it. He's as bad as me when it comes to ensuring we all eat good food. Though I will admit they've had their fair share of fishfingers in the last couple of weeks...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Hello. I'm so sorry I haven't responded to comments etc. I was feeling a bit blah! Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes, they all cheered me up but I just couldn't or didn't find the words to respond. (Aidan, the boys were over the moon at your comment, I shall put them on the next available flight, but only if you can arrange for your Dad to be there. Surrogate Grandfather and all that and after all you do work awfully long hours!)

Anyway word is that the disc has to come out. It's a priority case but because the nerves are only partially crushed and I still have bladder and bowel function (aren't I the lucky one!) it's not an emergency so may have to wait one to two months for op. The fact that our lives are totally and utterly messed up and I'm in agony despite becoming a junkie means very little. I can't sleep which is why I'm writing this at gone 1am. I look like a bag of poop, but none of this makes a difference. We may go private but it's a lot to think about when you don't have private medical insurance anymore. It's not like paying to have a an ingrown toe nail removed.

I'm grumpy because I can't cook what I want, when I want. I'm grumpy because I can't drive and I'm stuck in the house. I'm grumpy because I am just grumpy! This is not in my nature. Yes I can have the odd moment of grumpy who doesn't, but my husband will tell you it's not really me. I'm just not like this and that's making me even grumpier.

Actually I probably shouldn't be writing this now because it was a bad day and I am really okay. I have wonderful friends who are rallying round and making sure the children are picked up from nursery and school. I get lots of phonecalls and people drop in for coffee. As I can no longer drink alcohol I take great delight in choosing exotic soft drinks and I like to have them in nice glasses. A sherry glass for this, a champagne or wine glass for that. Whatever floats your boat I say!

I've also become addicted to ebay. No talking required - just buying! I've bought some lovely things. An antique day bed, a Lombok chair and a beautiful patchwork throw and cushions. I have my eye on several other things but I have a feeling that my internet connection will be sabotaged during waking hours (like he'd dare!). I know our house is quite small but we do still have the cross trainer in the lounge, until it's moved upstairs and somehow the multigym fit in the shed, I can always remind him of these things!

As ever my boys, Hubs, Little and Small are being truly amazing!

Signed with love
Grumpy or Eeyore, I'm not quite sure which or who I'm resembling most! Now when I pictured myself as a donkey that did make me laugh. Could be the ass thing! xx

p.s. at the weekend I'm going to cook something with Hubs and we'll post about it. I'm going to stat planning tomorrow as I want to have very lovely things!


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