Sunday, 31 May 2009

Up - Disney Pixar style - a preview screening.

It's weird. I have another blog, by another name that I've never written anything on... There are times when I want to write but I don't want to write about food so then I'm torn do I just write it all here or do I start writing on the other blog... Just a thought..................

In the meantime this isn't food but for those in the South East of England, today was glorious. And (sorry I know you're not supposed to start with and) on this glorious day we had free tickets to see a preview of the latest Disney Pixar film Up at The Empire in Leicester Square. We were up early, driving to the nearest town to get the 8.30ish train to London. We arrived in Leicester Square to a smallish queue of people who presumably had also got free tickets (courtesy of The Times Culture+ club). Five minutes later we were glad of our early start because there were hundreds of people behind us. I'm also thankful for the little Italian coffee shop that I quickly ran to for my morning caffeine fix.

Anyway UP, the film was beautiful, even better for being in 3D. Apparently it's the first animated 3D film to open the Cannes Film Festival. I cried a couple of times. Okay so those who know me wont find that hard to believe as some say I cry at anything, equally that I laugh at anything too and laugh we did. Though I have to say even Hubs had a tear in his eye in some parts so it must have been moving... Not that he doesn't have a heart you understand. Anyway when it comes out try to see it and if you don't get to see it at the cinema then get it the moment it comes out on DVD. Some people have said that children might not enjoy it... Well our 4 and 7 year old boys LOVED it and were still talking about their favourite parts of the film at bedtime.

Those same boys have had a great half term holiday and made us really proud with their impeccable behaviour today. They're at such a great age, really good fun and just lovely to be around. I'm saying that at the end of half term too. A lady on the train even commented on how gorgeous and well behaved they were. Part of me thought should I say "Oh they have their moments." But then I thought no, I'm just going to accept her compliment and say thank you, because I agreed with her. Proud parents in the Little Foodies household tonight.


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