Saturday, 14 April 2007

Good luck Susana - feast after!

We have choices today.
Master of the house wants to bbq as the weather is superb.
Little and Small want to get their fingers mucky and the kitchen messy making pizza. Weather warning on the horizon for the oncoming flour storm...
Decisions, decisions all I know is that I want to cook Indian for dinner.

Feeling creative today so will do it all from scratch (with a gorgeous Indian sister-in-law I feel like a fraud if I use a jar - of course I do sometimes use jars! Her mum makes some of the best food I have ever tasted). This could all work to my advantage. I'll get Little to help, he loves the smell of the spices and so long as it's not too hot both he and Small love the taste too. Also making fresh naan bread is so similar to making pizza dough I don't see how they can refuse.

Good luck to Susana running the St Louis marathon tomorrow (Sunday). Susana is running for a cure for cancer and I'm proud to be part of her family!
Check out Susana's website

I'll post the recipes tomorrow for whatever we decided to have.

The veg patch seems to be going well so far with beer traps set for the slugs. There has been some yelling but only at one of the cats for walking across the protective netting. Could have been worse.


susana said...

Thank you so much Amanda!!! :)

We are feasting on Fettucini Alfredo this evening - will have Dave post you the recipe!!!

Little Foodies said...

Yes please sounds delicious.


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