Sunday, 22 April 2007

London Marathon & English Food is not a joke

Good luck to those running the London Marathon today, especially Caleb - it's a hot one for you!

Little Foodies Tall (aka Little) and Small ate well today, as did we all. BBQ'd whole chicken with herbed butter rubbed under and over the skin, (it was sublime), Our local butcher's sausages, burgers, peppers, courgettes, carrots, potatoes with butter and herbs from the garden, plus the compulsory cucumber. Thank you to my lovely hubby for doing this as it allowed me to paint several fences a delightful tennis court green colour. He also served me with Marques de Monistrol Cava throughout the afternoon so not really looking forward to seeing the fence tomorrow - hic!


Marie said...

I love barbeque. MY English hubby is not that good at it sdly enough. Sounds like you ate well though! I am a computer moron so not good at doing links and stuff myself. I think there should be a course offered on everything to do with blogging so us technogically challenged peeps could learn how to do all this stuff!

Little Foodie said...

Hi Marie. Check out the link below. It's something I just discovered at the weekend


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