Friday, 11 April 2008

Little Foodies - one year on....

Something that never made it...

Hard to believe, a year ago today I started this blog... Time has flown by at a rate of knots. On April Fool's Day I turned a year older too... When I think back over the past year it feels like I stepped into the Tardis and pressed fast forward 12 months. I've made friends all over the world. I've learned things, I love it that you can learn more from food blogs than you can from picking up a book. I think that's because quite often it's like reading a note from a friend and a little like being in the kitchen with them. People can scoff at blogs all they like but you rarely get that in a book. In a book the author is often unreachable. Food bloggers are oft friendly more than not and have the ability to welcome you to their kitchen with open arms, serving great food and chat all at the same time.

After a few minor complications post surgery, I've been back in the kitchen, and my does it feel good! Thank you to everybody who has left comments, sent heart warming e-mails and to those who I see and speak to, (those who tell me your opinions to my face or over the phone), without your support over the last few months, things would have been a lot harder.

Hubs did the whole house husband thing with aplomb, baking bread every other day, sometimes every day (and really good bread too, it got better with each loaf!). He drove me mad, but for all the right reasons. The house seemed tidier, I found that really annoying and thankfully it didn't last. He's been too busy to hi-jack the blog which is a shame as he's very good with words and has a great sense of humour. He's also served up some amazing food, all made with love, all served with a smile. I did think at one point he could at least get one thing wrong just to make me feel better, but no.

Before I get back to blogging about what we're cooking, I thought I'd reflect on some things from the past year...

...and one of the first events I took part in which I posted about here, A Taste of Yellow 07, this event was incredible and Barbara of Winos and Foodies is doing it again A Taste of Yellow 08, so give your support to this incredible lady. Go on, head over there, cook something yellow, post about it, spread the word.


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