Thursday, 19 April 2007

Is it normal to get through 8 cucumbers a week?

My LittleFoodies seem to devour cucumbers as though they were the best chocolate money can buy. I know they're full of water (and it doesn't seem to interfere with their appetites) but surely it's not normal to get through 8 cucumbers a week as a family... We all eat it but I tend to have a few slices with a sandwich at lunch.

Small steals whole cucumbers and carrots from the fridge when nobody is looking. I find the ends of cucumbers and carrots hidden all over the house. I don't know why he feels he has to hide this from us. I'm hardly going to send him to the naughty corner for eating cucumber and carrot.

WhenI was a child I stole Nutella from the cupboard. I used to run to the bottom of the garden where I thought nobody could see me and eat the lot with a teaspoon. Now for that I should have been sent to the naughty corner BUT we didn't have a naughty corner... How times change!It's Green & Blacks now and I don't run to the bottom of the garden. I think I might put all that foodie stuff aside and buy a jar of Nutella to see if it still tastes the same... Probably not!

Deep joy - just learned how to do links - sort of!


Freya and Paul said...

My goodness, a child eating cucumbers. This reminds me of when I was in the supermarket recently, I saw a child expel a cry of joy because his parents were buying him Pita Bread!

Marie said...

Oh, I do love green and blacks chocolate. It's the best. I also love meal I ever ate...fried bologna sandwich on the deck of a cottage on the shores of Lake Erie in Canada...with sliced cucumbers wilted in a bit of white vinegar with some onion and sour cream...yumm....when we were kids we used to eat cucumbers like apples. Never did us any harm either!

joey said...

You'll be surprised at all you can do with Nutella now :) And I do still love it as much as I did when I was little :)

You are lucky to have veggie-eating children! :)

Little Foodie said...

I expect you're right!!! tee hee.. Re: the veg eating little ones. I made a real effort from the start so it's just part of eating. Besides as parents we love food so they see us enjoying all foods. Well everything but celery that is - I can't stand it!


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