Saturday, 23 June 2007

Little Foodies Greece - Souvlaki

Souvlaki - little kebabs, traditionally made with meat. Apparently there is a famous little cafe in Athens that sells lots of different varieties and is the best place in the world to eat Souvlaki. We chose pork and halloumi to make ours and I'm sure they were as good as those served in Athens.

Pork Souvlaki
The pork I got from the butcher and asked him to cut into cubes. I marinated it in a bowl with the juice from one lemon and 2 cloves of crushed garlic some salt and pepper. Threaded onto wooden skewers. I then cooked it on a very hot griddle and put the extractor fan on full as things got a little smokey.

Halloumi Souvlaki
One packet of beautiful salty halloumi, hard cheese, perfect for grilling. Cut into cubes and threaded on to wooden skewers. No messing, just as they are and cooked on a hot griddle, turning regularly so they don't stick and lose the scrummy caramelised outside.

Served with warmed pitta breads, a little cucumber, cherry tomatoes, some greek yogurt and for hubby and I, the last of the jar of Belazu Rose Harissa... This got a very big thumbs up.

What's that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster???!!!! Monster by The Automatic - Sorry this is belting out in my ears while I type, as the boys (all 3, young and old) are bouncing round the kitchen, playing air guitar and pretending to be rock stars.... Boys - LOVE THEM!


Deborah said...

These look wonderful! A great addition to a party methinks!!!

Meeta said...

You have to love boys!! What I love, is your trip to Greece. The souvlaki is great and I guess one could BBQ them on a charcoal grill too. I also love halloumi and this is a great idea!

love.boxes said...

Sounds so delish! I love greek food and we are lucky to have a pretty good little place in our small town.

Carolyn said...

Thanks much, Amanda, for stopping by my new blog & leaving your great comments. As you mentioned that you are a relatively new blogger yourself, I know that you appreciate what it means to have comments left, & to meet fellow bloggers! As you conveyed, the photo bar has been set pretty high right out of the gate ~ but, LOL, will see what I can round up with my lil Coolpix camera! I've got the writing bug, too.

What a delightful idea for your blog! Am seeing words & foods that I have either never heard of, or have wondered about. Your simple lemon juice & garlic marinade I will keep in mind. You have some yummo sounding recipes here. Think I saw a chocolate deeelight, & a cupcake that looked soooooo good too. Love your creativity in this food sphere! Glad you found my blog through Cynthia ~ am new to her wonderful blog too. This really is fun.

Oh, & your boys sound hilariously normal!

Do swing by again, & have a great day! :-)

Kelly-Jane said...

Your Souvlaki look great. Grilled halloumi is fab!

I've got tinkling on a mini zylaphone (sp?) in my background, ah family life :) :)


Elle said...

Greek foods are so yummy and these look delicious. Hope you do try some dolmas with leaves from the tin. Add a little exra lemon juice or zest and they will be super.

I second nice to have you as a fellow blogger & your site is great. Love your comments, too.

Betty Jo said...

I love Greek food, especially the pastries. The souvlaki I've never had and it looks wonderful. I agree with my fellow bloggers that you have a super blog here with some delightful recipes.

Cynthia said...

Amanda, that's a meal to be happy about. I have both hands up for it :)

Truffle said...

What a wonderful meal. I think you chose well with the pork and haloumi. Both sound delicious!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Deborah, Thank you, they'd make great party food!

Meeta, We do don't we! Some people get so down on boys but boys are great fun and uncomplicated, & thank you!!

Love.boxes, Thank you, your boxes are beautiful

Carolyn, Thank you so much, Blogging is great fun but like I said it's a little addictive. As for the boys they're definitely normal - in the bonkers normal way that is!

Kelly-Jane, Oh I miss those days. What am I saying we still have that sound sometimes.

Elle, Thank you so much and we did try them. They were great! Didn't go down well with the boys but my husband and I soon polished them off.

Betty Jo, Again thank you so much.

Cynthia, Wish there I'd made more they were yummy.

Truffle, Thank you, enjoy your trip!

Thank you so much for all the very lovely comments. I feel humble as you've all got such wonderful blogs. Thanks again.
Amanda xx

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Fabulous Amanda, I'm wanting to go to Greece. This looks like a wonderful Greek treat! The marinade simple and clean flavored. I can imagine it got a big thumbs up!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Thanks Tanna, I hope you get to go soon. I was lucky enough to visit a couple of Islands and a quick trip to Athens. Wonderful food and beautiful scenery. The world is full of beautiful places!

Nora B. said...

The grilled halloumi sounds great. I've not done it myself, so I should really give it a go.

Amanada, your kids sound like a lovely, lively bunch.

And how was the school summer fair?

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Nora, Thank you, they're great kids! I am biased of course but I think most people would agree - if I paid them - tee hee!

The summer fair was dry(ish) for the first hour and a half and then it rained and rained some more until we were completely soaked through and I'd stupidly offered to help pack away...

Try the halloumi, it is so delicious!

Amanda x


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