Sunday, 17 June 2007

Little Foodies Greece & Happy Father's Day

After a fantastic two weeks doing Australia, today we are heading for Greece. I suggested Italy, Hubby suggested Greece, Little suggested Germany and Small didn't pass comment. As it's Father's Day we decided to go with the Daddy's choice.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

We had Bill's scrambled eggs for breakfast before hubby heads off for a 2 hour bike ride with my cousin. They'll be tearing up Leith Hill in the name of 'time off for good behaviour'. Sounds more like torture to me!

Off the top of my head and without looking up the cuisine of Greece I know that this week we'll definitely be having: Moussaka, Greek Meze, Greek Salad and Souvlaki... oooh and stuffed vine leaves, there's so much choice.

I have a chicken cut into 8 pieces in the fridge. I need to go and find some Greek recipes for it. I also need to look up Greek words, some historical facts, draw the flag, you know the usual things you have to do when you're finding out about a country.


Truffle said...

I think it's an excellent choice. Look forward to hearing about it :)

Nora B. said...

Amanda, I am looking forward to what you'll be cooking up. I have a friend whose mom makes the best mousakka, but I can't seem to get my hands on her recipe. I will persist!

Asha said...

I love Greek food.I have Spanakopita at FH too.Looking forward to your dishes:))
Happy Father's day to your hubby Amanda.

Pat said...

Amanda, that sounds like an excellent choice. I do have a couple of Greek cookbooks if you get stuck.

Little Foodie said...

Hi Truffle and Nora.B, Thank you. We're looking foward to it too.

Hi Asha, I checked out your spanakopita, looks very good. I'll head back later in the week to use, thank you.

Hi Pat, Thank you, that's very kind. Might have to take you up on that, we'll see how we go.

Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Greece, I can't wait to see what
you come up with this week. Remember the Greek Restaurant we
used to visit in Palmers Green, when Malcolm and I lived in Enfield.

Little Foodie said...

Hi Mum, I remember it well - Isn't that where I had my 18th birthday party? I'll call you - can't have a conversation here with you!!

Kelly-Jane said...

Greece sounds good :) Falling Cloudberries has a Greek chapter in it, might be worth a look.

Happy Father's Day back!


Cottage Smallholder said...

There are also all those delicious little honey soaked pastries. I'm sure Little and Small would love them.

Cynthia said...

I am looking forward to this culinary trip and to learning about Greek cuisine.

Happy Fathers' Day to the hubby.

tash said...

I remember eating the most delicious stuffed vine leaves at a multicultural food event years ago, I was only a child but was so impressed by the yummyness of the vine leaves I took a whole plate of them and hid myself away! Hehe. Enjoy Greek Week - sounds yum :)

Little Foodie said...

Hi K-J. I don't have that book. I have her other two. I'll ask around see if anybody else has it. Trying not to buy any more books as our house is fit to bursting with books and children's toys! Solution = Get rid of children's toys! :))

Hi Cottage Smallholder, Yummy idea.
We did some honey pastries for Morocco week but they didn't go down so well. I think I made them too big so the honey didn't soak in enough.

Hi Cynthia, So am I. So far it all seems pretty simple and tasty too.

Hi Tash, I used to do that with nutella, more sophisticated to do it with vine leaves. Saying that I loved them too. Also re: your suggestion ages ago for the World Cafe Cookbook. I managed to find it on for £3.75 - perfect. Just awaiting it's arrival.

Thank you for all your comments.


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