Saturday, 30 June 2007

Little Foodies America

This weekend we'll be heading to America, or atleast the kitchen will be. We've chosen America because it's July 4th on Wednesday and any excuse for a celebration is a good one in our minds... We only have one American cookbook so any ideas greatly received for typical American food.

Little has been getting in to the swing of things by speaking with an American accent. Small has been trying to join in too. I'm thinking maybe they watch too much tv!! Strange how with the first you have all these good intentions of 'I wont ever allow my child to watch tv, they will only play with wooden toys, we will only listen to classical music and we will speak several languages at home so they grow up to be...' To be what? It didn't last and all credit to those who manage to keep it up for the duration... Nowadays - the TV is our friend which is probably why our children can speak at will with American accents.. Not sure what food we'll be eating... Off to read my cookbook and surf for inspiration.


Joanna said...

Hi Amanda

So glad someone else is going to do this research ... I want to give the American boys staying in my house the right sort of thing for July 4th, but don't know what that is. I asked my sister, who is now an American citizen, and she said, airily, "oh nothing special, just lots of red white and blue - if you give them red white and blue napkins they'll think it's so cute" (I swear that's what she said!) ... if I gave those young oarsmen napkins they'd probably faint. Anyway, I've got a mountain of green paper napkins that need finishing up before I go out and buy more!

So I'm watching your blog with interest!

Best wishes,

Joanna said...

Oh my god, Amanda, it really does have to be red white and blue food. It's all about the flag.

The website I've just consulted helpfully says: what about whipped cream and blueberries with your strawberry shortcake? Or fruit salad of watermelon, apple and blueberries?

So it seems blueberries loom large. Unless you have "star shaped platters", because that's the alternative to coloured food.


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Ah hahahaha! Just laughing my head off at your last two comments. Yes definitely all about the red, white and blue and stars and stripes. I've got a few ideas so I'll e-mail you. Still laughing !

Kelly-Jane said...

America :) Sounds good. I'm watching with great interest too. I cook quite a lot for US books, but I'm not really sure what 'American Food' is!

Although red, white and blue is theway to go for 4th July - I believe!!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

One of my very favorites is red white and blue potatoe salad. Regular white potatoes, sweet potatoes and the blue or purple and you've got it made in the shade or flag as the case may be.
Personally I like blueberries and raspberries with the cream.
Go for it girls.

Deborah said...

The fourth of July always makes me think of bbq's - anything cooked and served outside. That's cute about the "American" accents - I never really thought about us Americans having accents!!

Pat said...

Hi Amanda, I am American, so here are a few suggestions. Besides the normal hot dogs and hamburgers, how about Southern fried Chicken and gravy? Beef Manhattans are nice and hubby loves those. Sloppy joes, Pancakes, Banana splits,Apple Pie, Chicken fried steak, Meatloaf, Reuben sandwiches are nice too (but you got to like saurkraut). Let me know if you need recipes for these. I do have quite a few American cookbooks I brought over with me. The Taste of Food website is a good all around American food site too, as is Pillsbury.

Anonymous said...

Hi, It sounds as if you are having fun, the boys will love blueberries,strawberries and vanilla ice creamm, served in layers for the stripes. not too sure about the stars. Leave that to you.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Kelly-Jane, I can't believe you have American cookbooks - you're kidding me right? tee hee!

Tanna, Both sound delicious! We have raspberries, blueberries and cream in the fridge... heading there in a second!

Deborah, that's funny! It would be so good to bbq but the forecast is rain, rain and more rain and some more rain after that.

Pat, Thanks for all those recommendations. I've checked out the other sites too - great!

Mum, a star shaped biscuit? xx

Thank you for your comments.
Amanda x


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