Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A Taste of Yellow - Little Foodies Menu

This could have been tricky but ended up being really great fun to discuss with the children. I said that we had to come up with a menu full of sunshine yellow food to celebrate life. I didn't see the point in going into the big C word with my children. At nearly 3 and nearly 6 years old I think I can spare them that. Life really is for living and while we can we should savour every moment.

We've done some tastebud testing and have come up with a full 3 course meal for A Taste of Yellow. Tomorrow we will cook....

Starter: Roasted Yellow Pepper Bruschetta
Main Course: Spaghetti with Saffron Cream Sauce and Scallops
Dessert: Marzipan Muffins

So a complete carb fest, but one we shall enjoy making and eating. We'll post pics and full recipe details tomorrow after we've cooked and tasted it.


Barbara said...

Thanks for your support Madeline. Looking forward to your entry.

Barbara said...

Sorry I meant Amanda. I'm alittle bleary eyed today as I work on the round up!

MARIE said...

Sounds absolutely delicious. I can't wait to see the photos!

Little Foodie said...

Some of my friends call me Mad so Madeline wasn't so far off the mark - tee hee!


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