Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Little Foodies Baking Play Date

Little had a (girl) friend back to play today. I said they could bake. He made a Christmas Tree shaped one. I know it's not quite the season but we don't have that many shapes and his friend was using the heart shaped one that we seem to favour. For a start, the hearts the only silicone bakeware we have that actually does what it says it's supposed to.

Aswell as realising that old cake tins are just as good, if not better, I've come to the realisation for sure - I'm a pig disguised as a human! I should probably find this upsetting but I'm oddly comforted by it. I suspected it, but knew for sure when after Small's refusal of some, I finished off the last of the banana and honey tea loaf. I then had a huge dinner (potato and chickpea curry with A LOT of rice) only to come into the kitchen just now and start nibbling on the cake made earlier. This was a fair sized cake at 5pm this evening, the picture shows a quarter of what's left, though I'm not guilty of eating it all. It was supposed to be for tomorrow but Small came along and decided to take a big handful while it was being iced. This caused a major fit of tears. Thankfully Small had the good grace to apologise and they were soon friends again. I think it was Small's way of letting us know that he should have been included. 'Okay, we heard you loud and clear Mister!" I'll remember this for next time.

For the CAKE
We used the age old recipe that almost everyone I know, knows by heart. Though we threw in some cocoa powder for good measure (about a tablespoon).
4oz self raising flour, 4oz caster sugar, 4oz softened butter, 2 medium size eggs. I always have to turn the scales back to the imperial measurement to do this as I don't have a clue and can never be bothered to convert it to metric.
You know the rest. Cream the butter and sugar, Mix in eggs, then flour, scrape into tin, bake for about 20 minutes at 175C.

Lucky people who are just growing up with metric now and wont have to learn both!


Kelly-Jane said...

It's fun to bake with little ones, mine especially likes the tasting part ;)


Little Foodie said...

It is isn't it. Lots of my friends find it really stressful though. They send them here to bake and cook.


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