Monday, 7 May 2007

7 Things about me & Little Foodies

Marie at Marie's muses has tagged me for 7 things about me (for my friends and family who are new to the blogging world, it's basically where you tell things about yourself, then ask others to do the same). Being new to blogging myself I have been a little overwhelmed at the fantastic recipes and writing from bloggers all over the world, and people are so nice too. Being rather English I was a little unsure of the whole etiquette thing so here goes (I feel like my son in the school playground - they play tag)...

Anyway for the 7 things about me. I'll try to keep it short.
  1. I used to live in a cowshed, a rather beautiful cowshed, but a cowshed all the same.
  2. I like to garden but as with most things I do, I have to be in the mood.
  3. I like photography but my husband is better at it so I tend to leave it to him.
  4. We have a wormery, which my children think of as additional pets (all 3000 of them).
  5. I'm messy. I used to be messy, then I was tidy and now I'm messy again!
  6. I used to have a proper suit and boot, board (bored) meetings type job.
  7. I don't like celery. I try to re-introduce it to myself in the same way you re-introduce foods to a baby/child when they don't like something. It doesn't work! It's disgusting!
The people I'm tagging.
Freya & Paul at Writing at the Kitchen Table Possibly my favourite blog. Huge respect for anyone who can cook a pigs head and write about it with such good grace and humour.
Kelly-Jane at Cooking The Books Lovely lady in Scotland who cooks great things from cookery books and could make anyone gain weight with her delicious writing.
The little foodies at Boys Can Cook Too These are my beloved boys, my two most favourite people in the world (along with their quite nice Daddy).
Tash at Vintage Pretty This lady writes about, among other things the future of our food and farmers.
Maggie at TOC Aromatherapy This lady I have a lot of time for. Firstly because she had the good will to carry me in her tummy for 9 months and because she just so happens to make the most fantastic organic aromatherapy products. I persuaded her to set up a blog recently too which she isn't writing on currently as she's at a big North East Festival. She will though.
Roz at Stay@ home Mummy & d bizness This lady is just starting out with a cake business. I stumbled across her blog as you do. You should check out her website - AMAZING cakes!


Kelly-Jane said...

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for tagging me (first time!) I'll post later this week :)

It's lovely to learn more about you. I laughed at the celery one - I'm the same with radishes and cucumbers too a lesser extent :)


ros said...

I'm sure this mem started off a 5 things about... and now it's grown... and F&P have been tagged for the third time! It's quite a meme this one!

I think you should elaborate on the cowshed.;)

Roz said...

Amanda Hi,

I've sent you the recipes and hope you like them. Thanks for tagging me, I will do the seven things about myself on blog next...and I'll look for seven bloggers to tag as well - should be fun :-)

p.s: ROZ is my blogging name, just in case you wonder who on earth sent you the Nigerian recipes!

Roz said...

Wow, this tagging thing is quite good. I've just clicked on all the links you've tagged and discovered some more lovely sites, and seen more photos of food (...they're all making me hungry!)

Loving the Marzipan Muffins.... ur boys are good!

Deborah said...

Hi Amanda,
Thank you for the link. I have had so much fun reading your blog. Your kids are adorable and your cooking looks amazing! ;-) I've added you as well!

Marie said...

Thanks so much for playing along with my tag! I loved your seven things! I'm off now to check out your seven tags! It's a great way of discovering new blogs don't you think?

Freya and Paul said...

Thanks for the tag Amanda! I love the fact that you have a wormery! So funny and kids adore wriggly things covered in soil!!

Little Foodie said...

Hi all, thanks for accepting.

Ros, I know, it's just they're so nice and besides I e-mailed first and begged! As for the cowshed - I'm sure it will come out at some point.

Deborah, thank you


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