Wednesday, 16 May 2007

About yesterday...

Yesterday was a bit of a shock seeing all those entries for Barbara's A Taste of Yellow. I'm sorry for the outpouring of emotion. I'm fast learning that the food blogging community consists of some very lovely people. It swept me off my feet for a while last night as I began reading all the entries.

I did say I'd think of a joke for today... So a child friendly one that also happens to be yellow....
What's yellow and dangerous? Shark infested custard... I know, I know. It came out of a cracker last Christmas.
Another... "Knock, Knock." "Who's there?" "Boo!" "Boo who?" "Don't cry, it's only a joke."

Anyway today is another day. Boys are still unwell. We'll have roast chicken and vitamin packed, health boosting veggies and by tomorrow they will be well. We're also going to bake. I've wanted to make Freya' s bagels all week but the boys have been too unwell. Don't get me wrong I love to cook by myself or with others. It's just I don't want to make bread by myself as I'm a bit afraid of anything bread like, I normally fail miserably. Unless of course it's flat bread and I'm an expert at that, whether it was meant to be flat bread or not. I leave the bread making to H, who likes making it with the boys at the weekend. I'll show him Freya's post, I'm sure we'll have freshly baked bagels before the week is out.

A picture of one of the marzipan muffins we did for A Taste of Yellow as it reminds me of a beautiful day, and it's yellow, and yellow is beautiful. Marzipan Muffins - eat them, get fat, feel happy! I'll post pics of the baking we do today later on... (and there they are bottom right.)

Please check Barbara's blog for the final round up of A Taste of Yellow by clicking WinosandFoodies

We made homemade lemonade with brown sugar. I threw the used lemons, along with lots of garlic in with the chicken to roast and we've eaten well, including the spider if he indulged in the chives.. Click on the picture to see him properly.


Truffle said...

What a beautiful contribution and such lovely posts! Hope the boys feel better soon.

Kelly-Jane said...

Hope Little and Small start to feel a bit better soon :) Looking forward to seeing your bagels.

Hope you love Dorie's book, it's a big book so be prepared!


H. Augustina said...

hi Amanda,

thank-you for visiting my site. I enjoyed visiting yours as well and i'd like to try making those marzipan muffins. They look and sound delicious!!
Enjoy your day,

Arfi Binsted said...

I was thrilled to see your comment on my blog and was very happy that you think about going to Bali again. Will be lovely to see two families with little kids get away... what's it going to be like? Hugs for the boys.

Marie said...

Delicious looking muffins. I was really impressed with the Live strong post over in winos and foodies as well. What alot of work she put into organizing it all and what a truly inspiring bunch of entries! I hope little and small are back to normal soon!

Little Foodie said...

Hi Truffle, K-J, H.Augustina, Marie and Arfi, Thank you for your lovely comments. The boys are picking up, temperatures going down and as they were just playing air guitar all round the kitchen I think they're def on the mend!!
Can't wait for the Dorie book to arrive espcially after Brilynn's lovely post about meeting her.

Arfi, Thank you, being our honeymoon destination it will always have a special place in my heart, that of course & the fact it's beautiful and the people so lovely, so humble. I could gush a lot about Bali.

Peabody said...

The food blogging community does have some amazing people.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Hi, Amanda,

I really hope your kids are feeling better! I'm sure that with all your nurturing and care they'll be fine in no time.

The muffins look delicious, I love marzipan. And I scrolled down to read the other post, I was moved! You are so right, our lives are treasures - sometimes we take so many things for granted.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I'll be coming back here often, I can tell.

Little Foodie said...

Hi Peabody, It's a very nice community to be part of that's for sure.

Hi Patricia, Thank you, The kids are fine, almost back to 100%. Thanks again for your lovely comments. I've been back to visit yours and will do again it's terrific.



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