Saturday, 19 May 2007

Little Foodies Culinary Journey Around the Globe

A family we know are going travelling with their children. I am so green, I possibly resemble a cucumber, or maybe a marrow. I would love to pack up and go travelling with the children and have expressed this wish several times (or more). Each time H reminds me about our responsibilities and to think of our future. (Possibly because he lived abroad throughout his childhood, he doesn't have that same yearning.) I do think about our responsibilities, I really do, it's probably those that make me want to do it even more. We'd learn so much from doing it. It could of course also bring about our own poverty, loss of fairly recent foot on the property ladder, and who knows what else, but how much richer our lives would be... Alas it isn't happening so I'd best stop sporadically bleating on about it...

Instead I've come up with a plan to enrich our lives on the vagaries of life and lands far (and near) away. We will be going on a journey, a culinary one and most of it will be in our own kitchen.

Every week for the next year we will try and eat different foods from around the world. At the same time, we will learn about the country, their language, where they sit on the globe, a bit about their culture and what life is like in particular for the children of that country.
We did start something similar a couple of years ago and then gave it up. However, I'm determined this time. I want my journey, plane or no plane. We're all agreed, we're doing it. We've even done a Thunderbirds style hand pact thing (you have to watch the new, not so cool, (though I enjoyed it) adventure film to understand this).

This might be totally lost on Small as he's not even three years old, however I'm hoping that if Little is enthusiastic and they're both trying all this different food then he'll be carried along with it and make them both even more adventurous with food. You never know, as a family we might learn many new things and not just about food.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the start and we will begin with Morocco. Mainly because I feel like a nice lamb tagine and because I can make that decision.... Will report on how it goes.

Thank you for the e-mails and note. Sorry, I had comments not allowed checked on the posting bit, not sure why....


Little Foodie said...

Test! Yes it seems to be working now.

Truffle said...

What a wonderful idea. You are a truly inspirational parent :)

On the topic of travel, I'm hoping to be in London late next month. Any local foodie tips? I'm on a bit of a budget so any inexpensive ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly-Jane said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea! Looking forward to your kitchen table travelling :)

Little Foodie said...

Hi Truffle, thank you, that was a really nice thing to read. Will leave a comment on your blog re: London.

Hi Kelly-Jane, Thank you. Love the term kitchen table travelling too. It reminds me of a story I wrote for the boys.



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