Thursday, 31 January 2008

Little Foodies Canada

Do you see this beautiful little package of figgy, fruity, nutty goodness? Can you tell just by looking at it that it's laced with booze?

Before I tell you where it came from. I first want to tell you a little story. Let me remind you before I begin that this little package is packed full of fruit, nuts, chocolate and booze.

The story of the Canadian Boooooze Cake...
Mama Bear could smell the alcohol as she cut little slices of the cake that had travelled from a long, long way away. She handed out small slices to her family. Papa Bear tasted it and loved it, Mama Bear tasted it and loved it. Small Bear tasted it and didn't like it at all. Little Bear tasted it and loved it and wanted some more immediately. When Mama Bear said 'You can't have any more now as it has alcohol in it.' Little Bear said 'Oh, come on Mama, it's about time I tasted alcohol.' Mama Bear and Papa Bear stood open mouthed for a moment. Mama Bear exclaimed 'But you're 6 years old!' Little Bear stayed silent just long enough for Mama Bear and Papa Bear to be slightly alarmed by this outburst before his Little Bear shoulders started to shake, and a bit of a giggle escaped, 'Only joking!' said Little Bear. Mama and Papa Bear relaxed a little...
... and family therapy was averted for another time.

This Canadian Booze Cake as it has come to be known in our house is absolutely sensational. It reminds me of something from my childhood and I still can't think what it is? I want to send some to my family Up North so they can taste it and see if they can tell me what it reminds me of. Alas I can't do that, because it's all gone! If you want to find out how to make it and see some great pictures of it being made then click here.

It arrived with some other wonderful goodies all the way from..... you guessed it, Canada, from that cool Mama that I've talked about before, who resides at the very cool Under the Highchair. Aimee, thank you so very much for the wonderful things. You are one talented lady.

I've more to tell you about this Canandian package. I'll write about this jewel like jelly and some of the other things soon.
Thanks again Aimee!


David Hall said...

You are one lucky lady - I love Aimee's Blog, one of my faves. Any chance of a slice?


Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Sounds to die for...and addictive :) Pretty sure that and a cup of coffee would help me cut through a cold winter's day!

Asha said...

Ooh, Boozy cake sounds good to me! I made Run Raisin bread, will post tomorrow at FH. Figgy one looks divine too!:)
Yeah, fully "blog" detoxed and ready to blog in new way now!:D
Plugging off for a while was a great therapy, glad I did it.

Kelly-Jane said...

... and family therapy was averted for another time. Hahahah!!

A gorgeous box to receive, mmm.

african vanielje said...

Now that's what I call a care package

Kevin said...

The combination of fruit, nuts, chocolate and booze sounds really interesting.

Marie said...

Ohhh, what a lucky girl you are!

Cottage Smallholder said...

What a lovely parcel to receive!

Really enjoyed the story of the 4 bears.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi David, sorry lovely, it's all gone! Aimee's blog is one of my faves too.

Hi CC, it is pretty addictive and with a cup of really good coffee it's the best!

Hi Asha, glad to hear you're fully detoxed.

Hi Kelly-Jane, so nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. xx

Hi Inge, agreed 100%

Hi Kevin, until you try it I don't think anybody could explain it. It has a complex taste that is totally addictive.

Hi Marie, I'm a very lucky girl I know.

Hi Fiona, it was a perfect package to receive and it arrived on a perfect day.

Thank you for your comments.
Amanda x

Cynthia said...

Lucky, lucky, lady.

Michelle said...

Aren't friends great? Especially ones that give food...that booze cake sounds incredible!!! (I loves me anything with booze in it!!)

Sylvia said...

Gorgeous box, amazing flavors. You are a lucky lady

Anonymous said...

Looking at the ingredients you mention it could be two things from your childhood, either my boosy christmas cakes I made when we lived in the north or the tiffin i made when i lived in london. It sounds delicious you lucky family.


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Cynthia, I know, very lucky.

Hi Michelle, Me too, though I can't drink at the moment and oddly I'm not missing it that much.

Hi Sylvia, Amazing flavours indeed. Aimee can tempt you with all manner of things on her blog. She's a very inspirational lady.

Mum, it's not like Christmas cake as there is no cake batter. Maybe it is a bit like the tiffin. Though I'm not sure I had enough of it to be sure! You and M had normally eaten it all by the time I came to visit! hehe!

Thank you for your comments.
Amanda x


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