Friday, 25 January 2008

It's Farmhouse Breakfast Week in the UK

Sara over at Farming Friends mentioned that it was Farmhouse Breakfast Week. Farming Friends, by the way is a great blog, it's good for young ones too, you can read some of the interesting bits to them and look at the pictures together.

Farmhouse Breakfast Week is an annual campaign in the UK to promote how important it is to eat a healthy breakfast every day. The website has some great information on it such as... Breakfast means 'breaking the fast' which I never knew.
It also gives the figures for research done by Cardiff University School of Pyschology, led by Prof Andrew Smith, which is quite an eye opener. I'm sure some of us have heard them before, but here they are again. In a study children who ate cereal for breakfast were, 9% more alert, 11% less emotionally distressed, 13% less tired, 17% less anxious, 10% less likely to suffer memory and attention span difficulties and worryingly, 33% less likely to suffer from stomach complaints. Click here to check out the website for more facts and information.

I think promoting breakfast is a great idea, especially as I can't stand breakfast. I've mentioned it before, it's just too early. I think I'd like it if I could have something small and cooked at about 9.30/10.00am. By then of course the house is empty and I can't be bothered, if nobody is here I can sometimes forget about lunch too, ridiculous considering I might be reading or thinking about food for hours on end.

Come 3.30pm when the house has people in it again, I'm so hungry that I perform my 'plague of locusts have been in the fridge' trick. It is then that I understand it would have been a good idea to eat some breakfast and maybe some lunch. This is possibly one of the worst thing you can do to your body, starve it and then cram it full of food, often carb loaded and sweet!

The boys love breakfast. All thanks to my husband who is also a breakfast lover. During the week, he will more often than not get the three of them breakfast, then they sit and chat. I like to listen to them, sometimes I put the duvet over my head and pretend I'm still asleep. Sometimes I am still asleep.

The weekends are different. Now, Little and Small let their parents have a lie in (not what people without children would call a lie in mind). They make do with eating fruit and bits from the fridge, they sometimes get themselves some cereal (shockingly bad parenting). Then at a more reasonable hour we'll have something cooked - Eggs, Pancakes, or even a Full English.

During the week, this early morning breakfast hating person needs to go to bed earlier, get up to eat breakfast with her young and stop hiding away so they don't cotton on to her breakfast loathing ways. Do you eat breakfast? What's your favourite breakfast?

Another breakfast lover is Joey of 80 Breakfasts, a fab blog!


Meeta said...

LOL! Amanda - I can relate to many things you said here. Although I make it a point to get up so all three of us can have breakfast together, I was never much of a breakfast person - so while Tom and Soeren ate a good breakfast i normally sat nursing a cup of coffee. I was very much like you forget lunch too and then at around the time you mentioned would also do that fridge trick. But I have forced myself to learn the healthier way. So I eat a bowl of cereal and eat lunch - I feel so much better now.

Wish you all the luck.

Marie said...

I Love breakfast. Only problem is more often than not I have cake. I know . . . me bad . . .

Annemarie said...

I wasn't aware of farmhouse breakfast week or the site. Thanks for the link!

Deborah said...

I am a breakfast lover. I think my metabolism is overly active while I sleep, because I always wake up hungry. I can't go without breakfast!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Meeta, I'll try harder, I promise! ;)

Hi Marie, yes, I could probably force cake down but even then only when it's nearer to 9 than 7. Me bad too!

Hi Annemarie, I've ordered bacon for tomorrow morning!! ;)

Hi Deborah, I wish I had that metabolism. I never wake up hungry.

Thank you for your comments.
Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Amanda, Breakfast is just to much trouble early on, usually after being up about 2 hours I can really enjoy it - I don't really think this is ideal. It has been proven that those who eat breakfast have a better metabolism and burn off more calories than those who skip breakfast and like me often lunch - then come teatime are absolutely ravenous.
You should really try to eat with the boys at breakfast time.
Love You M & M XXXXX

Michelle said...

I'm a sleeper too. I wish my dogs were more like your children though and would let me sleep on the weekends!! LB and I get up together during the week, but he gets up with the dogs on the weekend. We're avid breakfast eaters - all kinds of things from eggs with toast, yogurt and fruit, smoothies, peanut butter toast and fruit, granola and yogurt. I think my favorite is simply a fried egg on top of toast. In the summer, though, a smear of cream cheese and a slice of tomato on toast. Yummy!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Mum, So I can blame you for my breakfast loathing ways! xx

Hi Michelle, Glad you get to have a lie in at the weekend. I've always needed a lot of sleep, it was a shock to the system having children. I laughed at your fried egg on toast as I always used to choose a fried egg sandwich. We now have poached eggs instead. Not as good but healthier. Just need to crack cereal.

Thank you.
Amanda x

David Hall said...

Hi Amanda

I never skip breakfast, and if my heart could handle it and I had the time, a good old English fry up would be my choice. I usually make do with a simple porridge with sultanas, mashed banana and honey, and of course, the Craster kipper takes some beating.


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi David, Agreed! There's just something about a cooked breakfast.



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