Thursday, 24 January 2008

How to drop hints to your husband, boyfriend, beloved!

Hubs and I are not overly extravagant with gifts for each other. Often Valentine's Day passes and we've forgotten to exchange cards. This happens on our anniversay too sometimes. It's not that we're not romantic it's just that we're romantic when we feel like it throughout the rest of the year. Infact if I'm honest it could be something to do with... Hubs is bad at choosing presents for me. So bad, at Christmas I buy my own and then give them to him to wrap up... It's a seriously good idea but it might have to change, he's an intelligent man and surely if I give him a list with specifics he can hardly go wrong.

I wont tell you about the year he bought me the handbag that was so dire, NOBODY would have liked it. Not even Bridget Jones' mother and we know how much taste she had... Oops, I just did tell you about the year he bought me that handbag.

That said when an e-mail turned up from Fortnum and Mason I couldn't help but send dear Hubs the following link, Fortnum & Mason Weekend Hamper,
with the title 'If you're ever stuck and you want to spoil your wife...' and a note to go with the link saying... She loves the basket almost as much as the contents.

Now I'm not expecting this hamper to turn up anytime soon but I can whisper to THE fairy, keep my fingers crossed. Possibly send another e-mail saying... Your wife more than halved the weekly food shop bill! Now blow the money saved on something extravagant to show how much you appreciate that...

I don't think I've got the whole budget ethos yet... I'm working on it!


Annemarie said...

I hear you about not being big on the gifts/cards, especially when the day-to-day is filled with plenty of love. Still, fingers crossed that the hint works and you get a nice pressie next time around!

Aimée said...

Looks like a sweet basket-I'd take one any day. Love the idea for dropping're not alone in the 'lame gifts' department.

slush said...

I despise V-Day. Hints do no good in this house. And its not that he means to forget, hes just not good with holidays. Ive come to terms with it. And I never liked V-Day anyway.

It is a very cool basket. I hope it works out. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you too.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Annemarie, Agreed, much better to have a normal relationship year round than to have a crap one that is only good on your birthday, Christmas and Valentines.

Hi Aimee, I wonder what the men who are good at present choosing are like in real life?

Hi Slush, I would love the basket as an indulgent 'I'm going to spoil my wife' present. Not for V-Day. I'd feel guilty if I got it then because you can almost guarantee that I'll forget to get something. No, much better as a surprise on some other day. Like tomorrow... ;)

(Did you read that my love? What do you mean you're too late to order for delivery tomorrow?!)

Amanda x

Cynthia said...

Dropping hints is the best way, the only thing is to hope that they can take the hint :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Men are amazing. I think our husbands must be cousins.

Pat said...

Lovely basket and goodies too. Mine would say if you really want it then order it. LOL We usually go out for a meal on Valentines day. He is a sweetie.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Oh, I've read about this basket...and it's price tag :) Wouldn't it be delightful, though??

KJ said...

hope your hints comes through.

Whoever came up with - it's the thought that counts. That wears awfully thin after the fourth hideous nightgown.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Cynthia, do you think that most men can take the hint they just choose not to?

Hi Tanna, they could be!

Hi Pat, Ah, that's lovely. Mine would probably say the same but I always feel guilty spending money on myself. That's a woman thing I'm sure.

Hi CC, it would be nice wouldn't it.

Thank you for your comments.
Amanda x

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Sorry KJ, we crossed over there. Hideous night gown may be grounds for divorce, I'm not sure though.
Amanda x

Deborah said...

You know - we gave Valentine's gifts when we were dating, but never have since being married. For anniversaries, we will take a little trip, but don't exchange gifts. My husband is pretty good about Christmas, though, and birthday!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Deborah, I think there's a lot of things people do before marriage that stop some time after they've said 'I do.'

Amanda x

Michelle said...

Ha ha ha! This cracks me up! On our second valentine's day, I actually had to drive LB to the card store, give him some money, and ask him to go get me a card. Needless to say, perhaps, we don't celebrate valentine's day anymore, and he knows to get me a card occasionally. I love your email idea!! I hope you get your little hamper someday!!

Truffle said...

Oh what a gorgeous basket. I'd be tempted to just go out and buy it for myself right now! Hope Hubby takes the hint!

Marie said...

Oh you just got to love that basket! Our first year together my Todd bought me the cutest little crytal heart pendant necklace. I put it on and have worn it every day since. It's a reminder to me every minute of every day that I am loved oh so very much. XXOO

susy+danny+natalie said...

funny lame gift story:
last christmas my husband took me to the mall and told me to try on this hideous jacket. after i told him i didnt like it he said "that's what i got you for christmas." i felt really bad. then when christmas came around i opened the box and it was a PSP. i had no clue!


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