Monday, 28 April 2014

Live Below the Line 2014 - planning and preparation

Right then, enough of the :( stuff, moving swiftly on.... Here's our shopping list. Oops! Sorry. It's been a long time since I blogged and I can't get the pic to come up. I'll sort it and have it up for later. (Mon evening now... Still can't load pic. Will add the list when I can.)

On Saturday, eldest son and I went shopping for our live below the line supplies. I've spent many hours planning what we could all eat that we'd all feel okay with. It meant visiting three supermarkets but we planned it in a round trip. For some reason I felt emotional in the first supermarket, Asda, when I thought about all the people who struggle daily. I got over that and just felt panicked when they didn't have the cheese I'd planned on getting. We then went to Sainsburys, again they didn't have some of their basics range in stock... Gutted, we got what we could and went on to Tesco, where I almost had a full on tearfest when one of the fruit and veg team told me they'd just discontinued the value potatoes and onions that I'd based most of our meals around.

We headed home, did some more quick research and headed out to get some shopping for my Dad and see if we could get some cheap potatoes and onions. We did and even better... Result 1. Cheap cartons of chopped tomatoes with chilli and basil. I could have kissed the nearest employee. Result 2. Ground coffee in Lidl. We needn't have withdrawal symptoms. I apologise to the man I met who was buying this coffee and got a full on quiz as to why he liked it.

Our planned meals include -
Breakfast: choice of porridge or cornflakes.
Lunch: Savoury muffins (baked bean and cheese plus chorizo and cheese) batons of carrot and cucumber, a piece of fruit, a sweet treat and water to drink.
Evening meals: not 100% but will probably be as follows. Spaghetti with chilli, tomato sauce. Yellow split pea and veg soup (twice). Huevos Rancheros (eggs in spicy sauce) with homemade potato wedges. Our butcher has kindly agreed to give us a free chicken carcass so I'll make a chicken stock broth too.

At the end of each day I'll post what we've had and maybe recipes. If you can then please donate. #livebelowtheline

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