Monday, 28 April 2014

Live Below the Line 2014 - Day One

WOW! I've just spent two hours working out a per gram/ml unit costs of everything we've eaten today and the total came to. £2.97 and a half pence.

Husband had cornflakes and a coffee
Youngest son had cornflakes and water
Eldest son had porridge and water
I had a savoury muffin and water. I needed to taste them... and I don't usually eat breakfast. I thought they needed seasoning and if I made them again, I would probably add mustard or paprika. Link to where I found the recipe at the bottom.

Youngest took a banana for breaktime. I saved my coffee for a school meeting I had. I whispered an   expletive or two when the milk boiled over in the microwave. I'd only allowed myself a piddly amount as it was. It didn't taste good with such a small amount of milk and I ended up having sugar... Which is a pisser because I recently had acupuncture to give up my sugar cravings. Haha... Think I might have to avoid coffee until Saturday. No biggie!

Husband: 2 savoury muffins and 2 cakes, carrot and cucumber
Youngest: 1 savoury muffin and 1 cake, carrot and cucumber, water (instead of their normal juice)
Eldest: 2 savoury muffins and 1 cake, carrot and cucumber, water
I had 1 savoury muffin and water. I didn't feel able to eat the carrot and cucumber as I don't want us to run out. My youngest loves lots of fresh stuff and as much as I think this will be a good life lesson for them both, alongside raising money. I don't want him to be worried or upset by it. He's only young. The cakes were just an old fashioned 4,4,4,2 recipe (4oz of s/r flour, sugar and butter and 2 eggs).

Evening meal:
Huevos rancheros (kind of) and homemade oven chips (eggs baked in a spicy sauce, though it wasn't spicy today) and water to drink!

The boys still felt hungry, they had one cake each.

Table talk: The first day wasn't as hard as they'd thought. Heading straight to the park after school was a good idea as it stopped any of us from wanting to snack. The savoury muffins were a hit! Youngest didn't want to eat the sauce with the baked eggs as he said it didn't taste like it usually does. I told him there was nothing else so it would be better if he ate it all, which he did. I think we all need an early night!

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