Thursday, 18 December 2008

Charity Shop Finds and some Christmas Pictures

Decorations and dressing your table up doesn't have to be expensive. I just bought this little silver cup at the St Catherine's Hospice shop,
added a tea light and a piece of gingham ribbon and I think it looks great.

I'll add a few more charity shop finds soon, in the meantime here's some pictures of Christmas at our house.
The tree, topped with a star that I helped Little and Small make. A great activity for children, we also made other smaller decorations.
I'll post about it in time for when they break up from school.

The drummer. Hubs and I saw a mini drum kit in town today... We were tempted... but came to our senses. Must remember to stay away from the music shop!
The festive spirit can sometimes take over, rendering you completely without brain.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a little Disney.

Poor fairy has lost her hand since last year. Small wanted us to bandage it...
You can just about see the iron, bottom righthand corner. At some point I'll put it away.

Simple black bells from Ikea, tied with pretty ribbon.


Aimée said...

Just lovely! The silver cup is quite a nice find. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

The silver cup is perfect holiday decoration. My first year out of nursing school I used medicine cups and syringes to decorate a tree. Still have a few of the medicine cups with pipe cleaners and spray paint and glitter they made great bells.
Love that:The festive spirit can sometimes take over, rendering you completely without brain.

Kelly-Jane said...

Beautiful tree and other decorations too. Don't put your fairy away - she may not be perfect anymore - but she is still so gorgeous :)

Merry Christmas Amanda to you and yours.



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