Monday, 6 April 2009

Mars Milkshake - Little Foodies version

Before I begin it is the Easter holidays lest you get straight on the phone to the Children's Food Campaign or worse Childline.

For breakfast we had crumpets and our version of a mars milkshake. Though Small often needing to do the opposite wanted porridge (and a rocket ice lolly)! Bad mother! Bad mother! Anyway, here's our version of a mars milkshake.

You will need
2 standard size mars
6 generous scoops of ice cream (we used Waitrose chocolate)
2-3 cups of skimmed milk (he he! See I was trying to do my bit for healthy)

Slice the mars thinly (about 3mm slices), then gently heat in a pan on a very low heat. I added a little skimmed milk when it started to melt as it made me nervous that it was going to catch on the bottom of the pan.
In the meantime I put 6 scoops of chocolate ice cream in a large jug.
When the mars is completely melted, pour over the ice cream and then add the rest of the skimmed milk.
Blitz with a stick blender, then serve.

Why would I give them such a crappy breakfast? Because it's the holidays and because I'm after the Super Mum of the year award from my children. I also know we have a very full fruit bowl which they will have done their very best to finish by the end of the day and by the time they go to sleep this evening they'll have had far more than the recommended 5 a day. For us, it's about balance.


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Mmmm... what time's breakfast tomorrow? I'll make sure I set my alarm... or better still do you do delivery?
Happy hols, Kristin :)

Jules said...

How much would I love a breakfast like that! I don't know what it is about mars bars, but they always taste better sliced.

There is nothing wrong with a treat as part of a balanced diet.

Michelle Peters said...

You're cruel!! Now I want one, and its not going to look pretty on my waistline :-)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Skim milk makes it all better! LOL

Cynthia said...

Milkshake for breakfast... where were you when I was a kid?! :)

♥Rosie♥ said...

Oh yes sounds such a treat to me - I'll be over for breakfast tomorrow *wink* *wink*

Rosie x

KJ said...

Can I come visit? Sounds like fun!

Aimée said...

You mean the Mars Bars--the candy bar right? Wow. This just blew my mind, but I have to try it!

Marie said...

Oh mmm...that sounds good! You got my vote for mom of the year!

Sara said...

That sounds like a fantastic breakfast!

Katiecakes said...

Yum yum yum!

We have a Milkshake bar in Newcastle where you can turn all your favorite confectionery into milkshakes. Its fab!! Jammy dodger and fruit salad bars are the best :D

Katie xox

glamah16 said...

A treat like that from time to time is allright.


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