Monday, 4 February 2008

Little Foodies latest article for the Daily Tiffin

This isn't food related but I just posted an article over at The Daily Tiffin with tips and thoughts on coping with family life when you're temporarily unwell or incapacitated. If you want to take a look then click here.


Roz said...

Hello Amanda,

Been a while since I've left a comment, but I have been visiting your blog whenever I get enough time in front of the computer!

I do hope your back is getting better. I read your article in the Daily Tiffin. Very useful, you are not alone in terms of finding it difficult in accepting or asking for help from others. So yes those tips are very good.

Recently I actually let my 11 year old daughter make our dinner (it turned out lovely, and she even did the washing up afterwards - TOTAL BLISS)

Take lots of care of yourself and shower yourself with TLC.

If you are one for having Soaks in the tub, which should help your back, you MUST try some LUSH products they are the ultimate when it comes to homemade, natural, so so so sweet smelling skincare products. But it is their Bathmelts you need to try. They have been my much needed PICK ME UPS for the last 3 months....

Meg Wolff said...

I read this article at the DT and thought it was excellent. Thank you Amanda!


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