Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas & Fairy Dust

I think I mentioned that things were going to be a little slack around here... I hadn't realised that a shed load of other stuff would happen.... Some of this post might be a bit bah humbug but I thought I'd explain the absence. There is a recipe for Fairy Dust which I think more than makes up for it. Ho Ho Ho...

December was taken up with a lot of making for the school Christmas Fair, I neglected to do most of the fun stuff and present making I'd wanted to make and do for my friends and family, even for myself. I'd had great plans for food making and blogging too. Things didn't sell well at the Christmas Fair. I was a little peeved by this and I'm ashamed to admit felt like crying when the fair finished and I returned home. I think I might take things too personally, which is why I would never want to be in charge of anything like that. We made less than £2000.00. A much smaller school in the next village raised £10,000.00 - I'd best button it on this now.

Little got bronchitis in early December, he then got better only to be struck with another viral thing plus an ear infection, when he gets a temperature over 102 his legs buckle and he can't walk very well. This brought on yet another staphylococcus infection, something he has been battling with on and off with for over a year now. It started just before Christmas last year.

Nan (Great Nanny to Little and Small) fell and broke her hip in three places. It sent her completely mad. She really did talk of blue mice laying eggs in her mouth. She seemed to be better a few days later but then a day or two after that she was talking nonsense again. "I should be in hospital, I have a broken hip." "You are in hospital Nan." "Well, if I'm in hospital, why have they left me in this uncomfortable chair and those two ladies over there have beds." "Nan, you are in a bed." She looked at me with utter contempt. I just stroked her head and this seemed to soothe her worries. That was last Sunday and I haven't been back as it was on the Sunday evening that Little became ill.

It was then Smalls turn, he got a really bad cold. Soon followed by his mummy (that would be me). As I write I'm getting over flu, not man flu, or even a very bad cold, I mean good old proper bed ridden flu. My bones still feel like they've been through a mangle and my heart feels as though it's encased in a really tight bandage. HOWEVER, it's Christmas Eve and I have to get my act together because my children will have happy memories of this Christmas.

I have a lightly spiced fruit cake to make in the shape of an igloo and some lovely polar bears who will live on a little patch of sweet snow until the cake has been eaten and then the polar bears can retire from duty to live in the large box labelled ANIMALS. I will post a picture and the recipe later.

We're off to a party at about 4pm, only for an hour or two as thankfully my Mum and Stepdad arrived on Saturday and I want to spend as much time with them as possible. We don't see them very often. New Year 2007 was the last time. They're staying in a hotel nearby (our house is currently too small for guests to stay longer than one night). Today Mum will be cooking us Dexter Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings. We should have had this over the weekend but with everything going on it didn't happen.

We'll be having the usual tukery and all the trimmings on Christmas Day. Although having watched a few cookery programmes which have involved geese I'm a little sorry that we didn't think to have goose this year.

In the meantime I'm doing my best to coax the Festive Fairy to sprinkle her magic dust on me.

Tonight just before Little and Small go to bed in their new brushed cotton pj's, we'll sprinkle fairy dust (recipe below) outside. This helps FC and his reindeer spot our house easily. We'll also leave out some hay for the reindeer. Not forgetting the mince pie and sherry for Father Christmas.

Fairy Dust Recipe: equal amounts of white flour and glitter. Mixed with love and magical happy thoughts. Put into a beautiful container ready for small hands to gather some and sprinkle over the garden. If you can't muster the love and magical happy thoughts then obviously the flour and glitter will remain just that - flour and glitter and when you're trying to clean it off the patio you'll be cursing Little Foodies for suggesting such a ridiculous thing!! ;)

Amazingly, just writing something for the blog this morning has made me feel a lot better. I hadn't realised that this blog was possibly my therapy too.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas. xx


Pat said...

Ohhhh Amanda, I do hope you feel better soon and the boys too!! It sounds as though it is going to be a magical Christmas there. Big hugs and all the best for the new year!!!
Merry Christmas to you all.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

And a very Happy Christmas to you too!

Baking Soda said...

Amanda, what can I say... I feel for you, so sad to hear about your Nan (yes, just being there is soothing) and your boys ill. They will have happy memories this Christmas just because you are there to celebrate with them and make a happy home! Enjoy your parents company, try to relax a little, I'll see if I can spread my fairy dust far enough to reach you! Take care!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I don't get bah humbug here. I get Fairy Dust on woes and a sweet good attitude.
I do hope you are all improving and feeling oh so much better. Those ear infections . . . oh my so hard.
Wishing you and those you love a very Merry Season.
Love the Fairy Dust!

Aimée said...

Sounds like you have a lot more on your plate than the usual last minute Christmas rush. I'll be thinking of you and the family and hoping things start looking up. Keep your chin up, stay smiling, and have yourself a very merry Christmas.
Aimee and family.

Asha said...

So sorry about your nan Amanda. But life has to go on. Take care Amanda.
Merry Christmas and happy new year, enjoy your family. I will see you in the new year,on break!:))

Joanna said...

Amanda .... hard to know what to say, except that if you want this Christmas to be magical for your chilren, then it will be, because nothing else will be so important. It's a truly wonderful priority, and you'll talk about this Christmas for years, decades - the highs and the lows of it.

This comes with lots of wishes for a wonderful evening today, and a magical day full of fairy dust tomorrow


Annemarie said...

Ah, I love the sound of the dust. I hope it gives you the little boost you need after a slightly trying month. Happy Christmas to all in your house and hope Father Christmas is good to you.

Truffle said...

Amanda- what a difficult time for you! My heart truly goes out to you and your family. I wish you the best possible Christmas and hope you and the boys and your Nan make speedy recoveries. Merry Christmas x

Marie said...

So sorry that the little foodies have been sick. NO fun! Hope you are all feeling better soon. Love the idea of the Fairy Dust, but then, I am quite partial to fairies!!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Megan said...

Thank God for fairy dust!
Merry Christmas

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Pat, CC, Karen, Tanna, Aimee, Asha, Joanna, Annemarie, Truffle, Marie and Megan,

Thank you so much for your comments! We had a great (albeit different) kind of Christmas where I spent 3 hours in bed but it was still magical.

Karen, thank you, it looks like your fairy dust reached all the way here!

Hope you've all had a great Christmas!
Amanda xx

Jann said...

Hope that you are feeling much better now and that the new year brings you much happiness and good health!The fairy dust does work!

Aunt Kristina said...

I think we could all use some fairy dust--and plan on doing it today! I desperately need something to make me smile and refocus on what's important--the holiday blues have taken hold of my and I'm tired of them. Thanks for the recipe!


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