Monday, 19 November 2007

Little Foodies loves The Great Big Vegetable Challenge

Ever since I showed Little and Small the Great Big Vegetable Challenge blog they have been fascinated with what Charlotte prepares for Freddie, and not forgetting Alex. Being huge vegetable fans (we're very lucky!) they thought that it was very strange that Freddie didn't like vegetables. Having now watched Freddie learn to love veg, Little says "Freddie likes more different vegetables than us Mummy and that is a lot!" I hope Charolotte feels very proud of the change around. It's been fun to watch and inspirational to read about. Funnily enough Small seems to be going through a phase of not liking potatoes very much. Now this is very strange as everybody likes potatoes - don't they?!

Jacket Potatoes, Baked Potatoes whatever you call them they're easy, filling and very versatile. When Charlotte of the GBVC mentioned in an e-mail that they were having a little event that involved your best baked potato filling I immediately thought of...
creamed leeks sprinkled with parmesan breadcrumbs
creamed spinach and goats cheese with pine nuts,
curry of any sort,
chilli con carne, sour cream and grated cheese,
franks and beans
and finally never, not ever just cheese...!

We didn't make any of those though, instead we decided to make a version of something that we do often using whatever veggies we have to hand. Which yesterday just happened to be... half a large celeriac, half a large swede, one large parsnip, 2 large carrots and 2 red onions.

Method... Preheat oven to 200C - Peel and then chop all of the veg into approximately 1cm chunks. Place in an oven proof dish and then drench in olive oil that has been mixed with some Moroccan inspired spices. (We used 5 tablespoons of olive oil with 3 teaspoons of our Moroccan spice mix which currently includes: ground cumin, coriander, ginger, cinnamon and a little paprika). Then roast in the oven for about 45 minutes. Take out and add one tin of chopped tomatoes (you need decent ones with thick juice), put back in the oven for about 10 minutes. Serve on steaming hot crispy skinned baked potatoes that have been sliced open and smothered in butter. If you're feeling all virtuous then forego the butter.

This seems to work for almost any type and combination of vegetables and is also good served with rice or pasta.

Over the last couple of weeks the kitchen has been Globe Trotting. We've had Far Eastern inspired stir frys, Cheat's Curries and Japanese style soups among other things. All made on the spur of the moment, without planning and all perfectly edible, but I can't say we've made anything that I wanted to write about.. We've used up some of the contents of our bulging cupboards and this evening we'll be heading to Italy, I can't wait!!!

I've been looking at a few books for inspiration... Jamie's Italy, Twelve by Tessa Kiros and Complete Italian Food by Antonio and Priscilla Carluccio, there's also Carluccio's website. I shall be heading over to Sara's Kitchen Pantry and San Lorenzo blogs, Ilva's Lucullian Delights and Ivonne's Cream Puffs in Venice for some inspiration too.


Asha said...

Vegetarian meals just makes you happy and light! Enjoy!:))

Freya and Paul said...

I love veggie dishes like this - I would eat it straight from the pan, forget the plate!
I've missed your blog and I hope that that things are going well for you all!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Asha, it's my new resolution to eat a lote more veggies.

Hi Freya and Paul, SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU. Want to say more but will e-mail you instead.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

All the others sound great but the one you did sounds the best of all. I don't think you can beat roasting roots! Great way with potato!

michelle said...

Yum! This sounds excellent and it's something I never would have thought of! I also like your creamed leeks with parmesan breadcrumbs suggestion - I'm going to have to try both of these!!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Oh, I love meals like that! Can't wait to read about the Italian food adventure.

katiez said...

My son does not eat potatoes. He will eat crisps and chips but no other. He's been an adult for more years than I car to admit so I don't see it changing.. He says it's a 'texture' thing (shrugs shoulders)
Like your mix, roasted veg!
Wish we could get baking potatoes here!

Deborah said...

My brother is the only one I know that doesn't eat potatoes, but that is because he is allergic to them!! I've always felt badly for him, because I love potatoes!!

Annemarie said...

very nice way to do jacket potatoes. I can't imagine anyone disliking them, especially when prepared like this (and with a bit of cheese!).

Nora B. said...

The combination of those root veggies and onion sounds wonderful, especially after caramelising in the oven. I think I will try that with rice or pasta, as you suggested.

Italy?! - hoooraaay! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have cooking.

Marie said...

Those are mighty delicious looking spuds!!! OH, I love Tessa Kiros cookery books. I have them all, my absolute favourite one being Apples For Jam. I love Italian food, heck, who am I kidding, I love all food!

Cottage Smallholder said...

Those look great, Amanda. You are so inventive with your recipes!

Can wait to get on board and enjoy your trip to Italy.

I love Tessa Kiros cookbooks too. I have just got "Falling Cloudberries." Initially bought as I was seduced by the title. I find the book inspirational.

Kelly-Jane said...

Great veggies amanda :)and looking forward to going to Italy with you (virtually) on your travels!


K said...

That looks so delicious! I think I'm going to have to try it sometime next week. (Though having spent half an hour reading over at the Great Big Vegetable Challenge, I think I might want to eat nothing but potato for a week. There are things over there that I absolutely have to try as well.)

Anonymous said...

this sounds devine and as i have a rather large basket of organic vegetables at the moment from the various farmers markets i attend i will definately try this tonight.
thank you, I was wondering what to do for tea.
love you Mamxxxx

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I did reply to all of these the other evening but it was just as a storm was hitting and blogger obviously felt hungry.. so I'll try again.

Hi Tanna, I love roasted root veg.

Hi Michelle, the one we did worked really well. Sometimes we do it and it tastes okay but this combination was particularly good.

Hi CC, us too on both counts!

Hi Katie, sons eh?!

Hi Deborah, Your poor brother, I'd be miserable if I couldn't eat potatoes.

Hi Annemarie, My husband got home late so he ate by himself. He put cheese on top. I had a taste it made it even better.

Hi Nora, it was a particularly good combination. We're now in the middle of Italy and the sun has shone for the last two days. Making it even better!

Hi Marie, they are beautiful books.

Hi Fiona, I've just seen Falling Cloudberries for sale through the book people (only £4.99) from memory so think I need to get on there and order it before it sells out. It's the only one of hers I don't have.

Hi Kelly-Jane, if you lived closer you would be more than welcome to join us for real.

Hi K, People did send some yummy baked potato toppings my favourite was Celia's.

Hi Mum, you'd definitely love it!

Thank you all for your comments.
Amanda x

K said...

Just wanted to let you and your little foodies know that I made your version of these potatoes tonight and thought they were delicious.

Thanks for posting the how-to!


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