Monday, 1 October 2007

Farewell Pads

As some people know we have had a tricky few months. Not made any easier or better when two weeks ago Mao (our black cat) was injured, we think possibly hit by a car, he has a broken tail but will live. Last night, Paddington (our grey cat or rather, as he would say, british short haired lilac) was definitely hit by a car and lost his life, we think immediately and without suffering.

Paddington and Mao - two best friends!

Raise your glasses and make a toast for Paddington, big, very special and wonderful cat!He was the most gentle and docile cat anybody had ever met and was/is truly loved. He was amazing with children, with everybody, he was amazing full stop!

Paddington, Little's cat.

He was so much more than just a cat! He was a HUGE part of this family. We got him a week after we got Mao and they became totally attached to each other. Paddington shared a birthday with Little. I can't tell you how sad I am and I know this is self indulgent to put this on the blog but it's what I felt like writing about. It was such a shock to receive a call last night from a man saying he'd found him in the road, more so as this is less than two weeks since Mao was injured. At least Mao is still with us, even without his mate. The house will feel even emptier now. Small's at nursery, Little is at school. Mao is out and Paddington who would normally be tripping me up isn't here. He snored too, so even when he wasn't around your feet you could always hear him, he used to wake himself up with his snorting!

Within 24 hours of Paddington's arrival, even though they weren't related, they became inseparable and absolutely loved each other. Stopping to smell the flowers, something I must do more often!


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