Sunday, 29 July 2007

Little Foodies Sweden

I think we may have to re-visit the Caribbean, the weather just isn't cutting it. Hubby explained something about a gulf stream, something or other weather front. It was completely lost on me but wish I'd paid more attention so that I could recall it now.

So we're moving on, our next virtual visit (before our holiday) will be Sweden. I grew up with a friend whose dear Mum (Lilian) is from Sweden and I've tasted many a home cooked Swedish dish. Thankfully now that we've moved nearer to where I grew up they're not very far away and I will be able to call on them this week to pick Lilian's brains.

I made the tortuous journey to Ikea and hit the food section where I stocked up on a few bits and pieces. Little mitts got on the Anna's Pepparkakkor (spicy biscuits) within an hour of them being in the house, there are a few broken pieces left in the bottom of the tin. It's a lovely tin though, one which we will keep and re-use.
Not sure I should say this but the family also taught me how not to be embarrassed about bodies. In England, as I'm sure in lots of places around the world, you go into any changing rooms and you will see lots of females hiding behind whatever they can, flushed red to be in a state of undress infront of other people, even other females. Lilian made me see that, though different, we are all very similar and should not hide or be ashamed of our bodies, they're just bodies... Very free thinking but something I'm grateful for. I should just point out..... I don't advocate parading around in the noddy and you will never see me on a nudist beach - there is a limit!

Looking forward to Swedish meatballs. We're going to do a taste test between our own homemade ones and bought ones (organic from Waitrose). Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Nora B. said...

Hi Amanda, the tin is very coo. I bough the same biscuits from IKEA a few weeks ago, but it only came in the usual boring rectagular box. Swedish meatballs are great so I am looking forward to hearing more about the recipe and the comparison. I'm sure your home-made ones will taste better.

Asha said...

Lovely blue tin indeed! I see most of the biscuits are gone!:D
Waiting for Swedish meatballs:))
I agre with body image.It's all in the mind and how and what we are told by parents first and then the society.These days those models and some young girls are almost starving to death.It is sad.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Finds like that tin can become treasures in the future, sometimes it's just the memory of them. Looking forward to the meatballs.

Truffle said...

Fantastic choice and what a great view on body image! That tin is just gorgeous.

Marie said...

Lovely looking biscuits. They look like the same ones I buy at the grocery store called Anna's Ginger thins. They are from Sweden as well, but don't come in such a lovely tin! Those are the ones I used to make my little Lemon Ginger cakes with. Can you believe I have NEVER been to IKEA????? I have led such a sheltered life, although seriously I think it's because Todd thinks I will spend too much money there, and, he's probably right!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Nora, Thank you. Here's hoping mine taste better. Though of course if they don't then it just makes for future easy mid week suppers when one doesn't feel like cooking.

Hi Asha, there were a few more broken bits left this morning. Unfortunately one of the children dropped the tin on the floor so the last of the bits were lost.

Hi Tanna, I have a thing about tins (and my favourite colours are blue and white) which is why I was probably drawn to the tin.

Hi Truffle, Thank you. It's a healthy thought to have.

Hi Marie, I remember the post you did on that. They are beautiful biscuits. I shall look out for them at the shops. If you do go to Ikea, I think you have to set yourself a limit. They do have lots of little decorative pieces that can be prettied up and made more individual.

Thank you for your comments.
Amanda x

Feeder of the hungry beans said...

Hi, Amanda. I remember my first visit to a sauna, where I realized that no more than one or two people had seen me fully naked as an adult. And there they were, all these people getting clean without giving a second thought to my or their own nakedness.

We've got the same IKEA tin!

Kelly Mahoney said...

How adorable. I guess I will have to do more IKEA shopping. I love their furniture but I've never had the food.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Feeder of the hungry beans, It's a lovely tin. I'm guessing yours is empty too! Re: the sauna - v.liberating

Kelly, If we do venture to Ikea then we always order meatballs with fries, lingonberry sauce and gravy. I wouldn't want to eat it every day but on the rare occassion - it's great!

Cottage Smallholder said...

I am sure that yur meatballs will will tower over the Waitrose ones! Glad to see that the biscuits are nearly gone. Everyone loves them (secretly).

marye said...

It is fun reading your travel *postcards*.. :)

Cherry Menlove said...

Ahhhh, yes, that is a lovely tin. I love tins. I'm also looking forward to the outcome of the meatballs. I have only ever really concentrated on the Italian kind.

Cherry xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda
Lovely tin, no doubt it will soon
be full again with homemade cakes
or biscuits.
I'd be interested on the outcome
of the meatball taster test.
I would say homemade will win, but
you never know.

Patricia Scarpin said...

The cookies look yummy, Amanda! And the tin is really beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh - my husband often explains complicated sciency things in great detail and I later end up wishing I had paid more attention so I could explain it to someone else. :) And you're right, we woman shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies. We are beautiful as we are.

Ari (Baking and Books)

Aimée said...

Did you ever see the Tony Bourdain Tv show 'No Reservations"? He goes to Sweden in one episode and points out how if you put the word 'Swedish' in front of anything it makes it sound naughty. (as in Swedish massage) Too funny!

joey said...

Hi Amanda! Glad to see you are doing Sweden now! :) I think Scandinavian food is great and not given enough exposure. Can't wait to see your Swedish meatballs...I love those :)

I agree with body image...they are just bodies and we shouldn't be ashamed! Not that we would prance around naked but I think it already plays too big a role in life. My parents are of mixed Spanish descent and I live in Asia, so most of my friends in school were much smaller than me! It wasn't easy...

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

You are brave going to IKEA...that place is a zoo!

Looking forward to the Swedish delights...a friend of mine is half-Swedish and always makes the best meatballs!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Fiona, Fingers crossed, I'm doing them today.

Hi Marye, Thank you so much!

Hi Cherry,I love tins too. I'll often buy something just because of the tin.

Hi Mum, We'll see tonight! I have more faith! I believe mine will win!

Hi Patricia, Thank you, they were very yummy!

Hi Ari, Thank you for visiting. I often think I should pay more attention. I'm sure he often thinks I should pay more attention...

Hi Aimee, I didn't see it but it sounds funny.

Hi Joey, I can imagine that was difficult when it just shouldn't have been. Children, though innocent can be horrid to each other.

Hi CC, It was either a mad or brave day, not sure which.

Thank you for your comments.
Amanda x

Poonam said...

Hi amanda, My first time here..These biscuits look so good..

Gemma said...

I love Sweden, I have a Swedish aunt and we had a great holiday staying in her family home one summer, it was so idyllic. Looking forward to reading about your meatballs.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hello Poonam, Thank you for visiting. The biscuits were really good.

Hi Gemma, That must have been a wonderful holiday. I'd love to go to Sweden for real.

Thank you
Amanda x

Coffee & Vanilla said...

I love those spicy biscuits :)
I always buy them when I'm visiting Ikea :) I will be there soon to get some stuff for my daughter new room...
Greetings from London,


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